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Growing from colts to stallions ... MALAKI el Mogador


It is always very interesting to see colts growing into stallions, and with special colts even more. Good and outstanding stallions are the value and importance for a good future. The straight Egyptian MALAKI el Mogador was such a very special colt already in his first days. Born in 2005, MALAKI was the first foal of the exquisite MAHA BINT MANSOURA (Maharan el Nabil x Mansoura Bint Maisa/ by Maymoon) who proved to be an outstanding broodmare. She comes from the Malikah family and Dahman Shahwan strain, as MALAKI's sire, too. It is MOGADOR el Malik (by the Malikah son Manal) whose dam is a full sister to MAHA's paternal grandmother. So MALAKI is a straight Egyptian stallion intensely bred to the best bloodlines and horse family. But what is a pedigree when the horse doesn't match the quality in the flesh. MALAKI does! He even equals and tops all hope in quality, level and values He is an outstanding young stallion who has all the desirable attributes for a valuable horse: type, charisma, presence, a wonderful face with huge dark eye, a long and elegant and (naturally) well shaped neck and (naturally) clean throat; a well laid shoulder that allows him to move in the front with the power coming from behind; dark skin all over, and wonderful tail carriage. He has overall balance and quality, and is able to move, lightly but at the same moment anyway powerful, showing gaits and qualities that a rider appreciates. Meeting him in flesh, he blows away spectators with his presence and spirit.

MALAKI was the first foal of the mating between MAHA and MOGADOR. When he was born, he fullfilled all expectations of his breeder Frank Filsinger of Filsinger Arabians in Germany, and so much that the cross was immediatedly repeated. A filly came out, again of exiting type, so the cross was done again and again and again. It was a true key-cross! All full siblings were in the same unique look and quality. After MALAKI, three full sisters followed in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Frank Filsinger then considered to using another stallion next time to create another and more base and blood combination from this Maha/Mansoura branch for his future breeding. However, an interesting thought occured to him to do this mating once more. Why to do it once more and a fifth time? The Filsinger sud's straight Egyptian foundation mare MALIKAH was bred by Frank's father, the late Dr. Erwin Filsinger, in the 60s and 70s five times to the Nazeer son Hadban Enzahi resulting in the famous Elite horses and full siblings Mahomed, Malik, Maymoonah, Mofeedah and Maisa (sires first and then mares, named by year of birth). Maha and Mogador had produced four outstanding full siblings until now, and now more than 40 years later even the time is different and all goes in short cuts and more by day and fashion and PR that change quickly, she could track her multiple great and great grand mother and ancestor. Maha is also determined to continue the way and fame of her dam, the late Mansoura, a daughter of the outstanding Maymoon and the Hadban Enzahi x Malikah daughter Maisa, and a mare who was an outstanding and a matriarch of her own exquisite family with still two daughters and several grand daughters at stud.
MAYMOON is also found repeatedly in this key cross and the Maha x Mogador foals' pedigree, and is a top of the creme that is even much to see in MALAKI's presence and overall appearance.

MAHA was bred for a fifth time to MOGADOR producing another very typey and outstanding colt named MASSABI el Mogador, who was born in 2009 and stands more than equal to his older full brother. A vision and the blood proved! And a breeder can be very proud to have horses of this quality bred and received, all from a horse family that has tradition in generations!
If you look to our February 2008 'Monthly' you find MALAKI already highlighted then and there. At that time just three years old and in the same age as his younger full brother MASSABI is now. Especially for breeders it is very interesting to see and follow up how young horses develop and mature, and how a family produce in consistancy. MALAKI is now a young stallion with all qualities and spirit you wish in a super and special horse. And he was just the first of a chain of pearls!
If you are interested to learn and see more about this straight Egyptian horse family, visit the website of the breeder Frank Filsinger at www.filsinger-arabians.com




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