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MONTHLY - December 2008

Forward to new horizons .....


The year of 2008 is rapidly coming towards an end, and we only arerapidly heading now towards the World Championships in Paris which might be very very interesting this year. Several top class contenders are competing one against each other, famous stallions and multiplemajor champions are fighting for the titles, and a handful of "global players" are leading the game. Everybody is curious to see what the judges will do under the intense pressure that they are placed in from different directions.

When the old show season and year is just finishing at the end of December, the new show season of 2009 immediately starts again - in a very busy and tight schedule. One show after the other comes along in the Middle East and United States, starting with the Ajman show in January, followed by the AKAHF festival just one week later (held at the Al Khalediah Farm for a second time, increased to six days as there will be one day auction, one day of racings, one day of endurance, and three days for the International ECAHO Show. The WAHO Conference in Oman continues the schedule directly after the AKAHF, which will bring this lovely country some much deserved attention and an international spot. In February, the famous Scottsdale show in Arizona/ USA comes up, and in the Middle East, the First Iinternational Arabian Horse Show in Abu Dhabi to where the organizing committee will invite horses from abroad, and prize money of one million or more is currently being discussed. Still in February, there is also the annual Qatar International Championships, followed in March by the DIAHC, the Dubai International Arab Horse Championships with the Dubai Gold Cup, and also the International A-show in Sharjah. In April, the Al Mohammadiah Arabian Horse Show in Saudi Arabia is supposed to be held for a third time, again under the umbrella of ECAHO. And in the United States, the Las Vegas Breeders World Cup is held again in April. And then in May, the intense show schedule starts up in Europe....

The show circus goes round, all over the world, continuously and without any breaks. The ECAHO organization also moves on in changes, in May 2007 we saw a president, a changed Executive Committee, and a new General Secretary, and great new minds to go into discussions. In 2008, the General Secretary left again after one year, as well as some other of the representatives left their committees. All over, both, in the show circus and system, as well as in ECAHO and also in some of the Arab horse Societies throughout Europe, we experience moments of change and breaking waves - moments that do not really give a clear idea where it is leading. So we have to wait and see to where and how the future proceeds, while the 2008 show in Paris might gives us an insight and understanding of whether the sun rises up or might set down in one or another field! The picture above was chosen and decided to vote for a sunrise and a positive way and future with our beautiful Arabian horses in 2009!




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