MONTHLY - April 2012


The Yearling Colt SABEA AL MUAWD


He is just a yearling but expresses himself already as a 'man' - full of spirit, energy, always awake in attention and always there: SABEA AL MUAWD - a name to remember!
Bred by Mirage Arabians of Sally Roberts in Wales, Great Britain, he is owned by Al Muawd Stud from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. General Mohammed Abdullah Al Subaie saw him as a baby foal at dam's side and did not hesitate one moment to ask for him to include to his Al Muawd Stud's herd. This lovely, typey foal with the great presence has without doubt, something special. And when weaned, there was also no doubt that this colt must be shown and presented, and even very soon. So in January this year, at just nine months old, SABEA AL MUAWD was entered to the Al Khalediah International ECAHO A-show. SABEA straight away caught the attention of not only the audience, but also the judges, and won his class with an outstanding total of 92,30 points. He continued and also won two months later at the Sharjah International Show, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At the Abu Dhabi International Show one month before he had been second in his huge class with 17 colts, and had achieved a total of 92,38 points, a result that often not even the winners achieve.

SABEA AL MUAWD is a son of the 'champion maker' WH Justice. His dam is the exquisite and typey broodmare Falcon Song BHF bred in the U.S. and imported to Great Britain as well as owned by Sally Roberts and Ryan Jones of Mirage Arabians. Falcon Song BHF is a daughter of the U.S. stallion Falcon BHF who is a Bey Shah son out of a Bey Shah daughter. Her dam is a Khemosabi daughter, so all in all, Falcon Song BHF's pedigree represents a very classical American breeding. She produced already several foals, all of great quality, while SABEA AL MUAWD is really outstanding. He also shows the disposition that is needed for a good show horse - always awake, easy to 'get on', simply a colt that likes to pose and even more loves to trot. The speed and lightness he 'flys' then makes even his handler Rhodri Jones who is one of the fastest, maybe THE fastest one in Europe, nearly unable to follow this yearling colt alongside the trotting line. And this nearly never happens with Rhodri with any but this colt challenges him indeed to limits ....!

SABEA AL MUAWD is now based in Europe to be shown furthermore in Europe. His owner, the Al Muawd team and his fan club are all looking forward to proudly present him in some selected shows, so we might see SABEA AL MUAWD more often in the show ring to follow him up as this colt has just started a really promising show career.




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