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MONTHLY - February 2008

Straight Egyptian_ MALAKI El Mogador


MALAKI EL MOGADOR is a straight Egyptian colt born in August 2005, and he truly represents his name (malaki means: royal), his pedigree, and his ancestors coming from very best straight Egyptian bloodlines. Bred and owned by Frank Filsinger, from Filsinger Arabians, in Germany, MALAKI is a Dahman Shawan and traces back to the most famous MALIKAH tail female line.

His dam is MAHA BINT MANSOURA (out of Mansoura/ Maymoon x Maisa), a daughter of the exquisite MAHARAN EL NABIL (Nabil Ibn Nazeefa x Marani el Malikah/ Maymoon x Malikah), and his sire is MOGADOR EL MALIK, an excellent producer by the MALIKAH son MANAL and out of the MALIKAH daughter MUNIFAH Bint Malikah (by Maymoon). That concludes, that MALAKI EL MOGADOR is very strongly linebred, carrying seven times the valuable MALIKAH blood, and three times the valuable MAYMOON blood.

As many classical straight Egyptians, and especially those from this family and line, MALAKI is a typical "late developer". Even at five or six years, they are still maturing, with some lines still take even more time until they "dry out". The picture shows MALAKI in October 2007 when he had just reached two years of age and he is already showing his potential. Although still in a "dirty looking colour", he will soon turn into the "white swan" in a few years, maybe even fleabitten grey. MALAKI's type, overall appearance, elegant neck, and his excellent movement full of elasticity, smoothness and power are stamping him as a prospective colt and we are looking forward to see him in his full spirits as a fully matured stallion. The people handling him are very excited about his character and personality, and in the moments when MALAKI feels confident and happy he really shows off in an exciting way.

MALAKI EL MOGADOR is a classical purebred Arab horse, a straight Egyptian of the best and very rare bloodline, and a wonderful representative of the successful cross between the two young sires at Filsinger Arabians Stud in Germany: MOGADOR EL MALIK and MAHARAN EL NABIL, two stallions out of two full sisters (Munifah Bint Malikah and Marani el Malikah, two MALIKAH daughters by the late MALIKAH grandson MAYMOON (Kaisoon x Maymoonah) while being from different sire lines (Mogador by Manal and being his sire's successor; Maharan by the great and most elegant Nabil Ibn Nazeefa).

If you want to see and read more about MALAKI El Mogador and his ancestors and family, visit the website of his breeder Frank Filsinger and of Filsinger Arabians, a breeding programme with 50 years of history and past - just click here!




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