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About true and (un)altered Beauty!


The beauty of the purebred Arab horse is fascinating and attracting. The type and overall quality has improved and changed throughout the years, and to breed something outstanding, something special is not easy! You often need to breed many to get (maybe) a 'one and only'! But it is the dream, a challenge, that each breeder and owner has!

The world of the beautiful images is nowadays much important, and digital cameras, computers and software make everything possible! Stallions get chosen by pictures, semen ordered like in a catalogue, horses marketed, offered, sold just by pictures. No wonder, that the importance of a 'right' picture is more important than ever. Maybe this is the reason why the photography converts more and more to be altered. In the old years, pictures still gave an idea and impact about the quality of a horse, nowadays you can't rely on it anymore.

In the paintings we know that horses (and people in portraits) are perfectionized. But in the photographs, still many people believe that what they see is true. It is not, not always! Heads, dish, eyes, ears, muzzle, nostrils, profiles, necks, throat, shape, topline, tail, mane, even legs and legs in action etc. - all gets changed and altered to perfection - and everything is possible! Only photography professionals or horse(wo)men might see, understand and might even prove the altered horse.

Years ago, when a Pianissima (our 'Monthly' model) came up, many people were blown away by her exotic beauty and extreme face. Nowadays, she looks like 'one of many' and 'normal' in this picture world of hyper-extreme faces and (designer) horses. But it is a fact that Pianissima is still an outstanding beauty with an extreme face - and she does NOT need to be altered in any picture. If so, it would be even a discrimination for such a mare to do so!

Why does all this altering get done? Is it the vanity or ego of a photographer? Is it the vanity of the owners? Is it the marketing and by request of the photographer's clients as they want to use the picture promoting or selling the horse - so the money behind? Or why do these beautiful creatures need to be 're-designed' in computer work - is the true and natural beauty of the Arab horses not enough anymore?

Enjoy pictures, enjoy the wonderful horses and scenes captured by talented Arabian horse photographer of which several ones are found throughout the globe. But be aware - not all of what you see in the hyper-beauty-image-world is true! And be also aware - at the end, it is the horse in it's true pheno- and genotype that breeds on, not it's (altered) picture ....




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