MONTHLY - June 2012


The 2012 Foals are on the Ground


The new foals are always awaited anxiously. The decision which stallion to use for a mare is the beginning of a longer procedure that can be determined in schedule just when the mare is pregnant. If all goes well, the breeder just needs to wait eleven months until the result of the decision and first impression can be seen . Sometimes it seems such a a long time!
The 'normal' breeding today is done with fresh or frozen semen, often ordered without having ever seen the stallion in flesh. Breeding decisions today are often done upon a fashion and the fame of a stallion, often marketed and created by PR specialists and promotion campaigns, maybe  by using only one or another well done picture.
For a true equine person and breeder with passion, a good look to stallion in flesh is a very imnportant moment, and it also helps to see as many foals and progeny of the considered stallion as possible. This obviously only works if there are already several foals on the ground of the specific stallion. If a stallion is still young or without progeny, a breeder normally trusts the own eyes and knowledge,  studies which includes the stallion’s family in all considerations – such as the sire, dam, brothers, sisters, and what the family members have produced. So PR is on the one side, the individual and quality in flesh, the progeny and family on the other one, that can help in the prediction of a stallion as sire for the mare.
One of the presently most interesting younger sires is QR Marc who has already achieved fame himself as an individual, and now proves himself more and more as outstanding sire through his progeny.
Being a Marwan Al Shaqab son out of the Magic Dream daughter Swete Dreams, he follows in the foot prints of his father, who is a leading sire in the world. In the last two years QR Marc sons and daughters have brought international attention, winning in the show ring in Europe and the Middle East, this year even at the same time and at the same show as the sire. The Dubai International 2012 was an interesting example. QR Marc won Gold, and three of his sons became 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Two-Year-old Colts. In the 2011 Pride of Poland auction, the just two-year-old QR Marc daughter Piacenza was at the end  the top seller and made a record prize of 475.000 EUR. This at the same weekend, when Janow Podalski Stud's QR Marc son Pogrom became the 2011 Polish National Gold Champion Colt. The 2008 born bay currently resides  in the U.S. where he received great interest and makes a real input there. So QR Marc really improves on the fame he was thrown in as youngster, and his foals are found all over the world and impress in quality and type.

The above pictured one is a 2012 colt out of Van Alyssa, a 2002 mare who is originally from Argentina. Van Alyssa is a Don El Chall daughter out of a Ryad El Jamaal daughter, and she already produced champions. Her 2012 colt foal by QR Marc is possibly the next one? The foal is born in Saudi Arabia, bred and owned by General Mohammed Abdullah Al Subaie from Al Muawd Stud. The colt shows already in this early stage the quality that makes a foal special. It is not only the type and face; it is also the presence and attitude when showing off playing and running around in the paddock.  It would be not a surprise if this little boy will be seen next year turning out in the show ring. The show attitude and the brave self confidence he has even just a few weeks old.




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