MONTHLY - December 2010

The Year 2010 is closing ...!


The Year of 2010 is closing, even though we still have the World Championships ahead of us being the last international, but for many the most important show in the year. The big games are going on and soon we will see who takes the crowns.
The year 2010 goes roundfull cricle, some things are coming to an end, others might continue as they were, and again others might hopefully bring new stages and new directions, hopefully for the better!
Even though the old year is not finished yet new activities are going on and in focus! In the middle of January, the lovely Ajman show is scheduled and held, and one week later, the six-day-event of the Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival in Saudi Arabia starts.
The mare pictured above in our 'Monthly' is one of the sixty horses at the Al Khalediah auction held on 24th January offered from the famous Al Khalediah Stables for different budget levels and different purposes (breeding, showing, racing or endurance). Just follow up more details in the official website of the Al Khalediah Festival (click here).

ArabianFlashlights.com wishes all Arabian horse lovers and friends a nice and peaceful Christmas time and holidays, with quiet moments and time to think about the past and present but also about the future and what it might bring to positive. We also wish a happy, healthy and successful New Year for 2011 - whatever you personally link with the words 'happiness' and 'success'. Sometime a simple and unknown but classical and proud purebred Arabian horse prancing around in the fields, maybe even in dirt, no show clip, no makeup, no show shine, no show pose, halter and lead, even just this simple natural moment can make you happy just to see and estimate the natural beauty of this breed. Or some foals at side of their dams (and it is meant the real mother and dam, not one of these recipient mare, maybe even from another breed who just carries the embryo and gives birth and nurse). When they are playing around in the pasture, making their first experiences, finding their 'social network' face to face - all this can bring you a lot of pleasure and happy moments. Just enjoy all of those in 2011 - and each one!




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