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MONTHLY - April 2008

AL ADEED Al Shaqab


AL ADEED Al Shaqab, born on 13th April 1995, is one of the most prominent stallions in the worldwide community of straight Egpytian breeding. When he was born, his breeders at Al Shaqab Stud knew immediately that he was special! Not only as he was born after Ansata HALIM SHAH passed away in the year before, in summer 1994, and as a result, AL ADEED was one of last foals of his famous sire, but also due to his individual beauty and appearence. So he was treated very carefully and special from the first day of his life, and regarded soon as THE successor of his late sire.

As a junior, AL ADEED competed several times in the colts' classes at the Qatar National and International Shows, and was always in the top ribbons. However, each time he had a very strong competitor in his class, his same-aged stablemate, GAZAL Al Shaqab, who is also born in 1995. So both stallions switched regularly 1st and 2nd place in the shows while competing against each other. Being a Champion Stallion and reserve several times in Qatar and the Middle East, AL ADEED was sent to Europe in 2002 to represent Qatar and the Al Shaqab Stud in Aachen and Paris. In 2002, he became All Nations Cup Champion in Aachen, and also won the title at Paris. The Paris trophy and title was suspended some weeks later as the stallion had received a medical treatment on the day before the show which resulted a positive doping test. However, Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Al Thani, Director of Al Shaqab at that time, knew the quality of this stallion, and wanted to prove that AL ADEED had deserved this great title. So he sent him back to Paris the year after, in 2003, and AL ADEED became (again) judged to the honour as World Champion Stallion!

After this period of time in Europe, AL ADEED moved to the U.S., where he was based at Michael Byatt's farm for about four years. During this time, he was shown at the Egyptian Event in Lexington, and was Senior and Supreme Champion Stallion there.

After nearly five years of being outside Qatar, it was time to come home! In time for the Qatar show in February 2008, AL ADEED Al Shaqab returned to Qatar, and competed once again at the Qatar show (see also our coverage in "Shows"), to win once more the title as Qatar International Champion Stallion. The support shown through singing, music and noise by his incredibly excited, huge fan club over there was unbelievable.

AL ADEED Al Shaqab is back in his homeland and his place of birth and origin, the Gulf emirate of Qatar. And what is more enjoyable than a beautiful snow white horse and Arab stallion in a classical landscape of his homeland, and in the white stones of Qatar - captured with the camera as pictured above and presented in our new "Monthly"!




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