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MONTHLY - July 2008

Pleasure in the Fields ....


The majority of our time these days seems to be spent focussed on the show business - all over the world. Nearly every weekend we travel to shows, not only in the summer months but throughout the year. During the winter months, the Middle East show calendar is meanwhile very busy, and regularly a new shows comes up. We all enjoy the shows for different reasons, and like to see the horses very nicely presented, in showshine and deisgned like models. But how refreshing and nice it is too, to see the horses and breeding stock in their homes, grazing in the pastures or running and enjoying themselves in the fields. Maybe they are sometimes dirty (as horses are quite often when they are in natural live), they are not in any make-up, not clippped, not 'designed' - but just beautiful to see and follow up.

We all have been fascinated by the beauty and spirit of the purebred Arabian horse after meeting these horses. So why to split the breed into different sections, categorising them as either a show horse, a breeding horse or a riding horse! They are all from the same roots, some catch our eye more than others, some are more pretty in a dish line than others - but the beauty also comes from the spirit and charisma. And we all know that some of the best and most famous horses came from 'normal' breeding horses that would not have had the chance to win in a show in our days today. And anyway - they produced some of the best and most popular individuals.

So let us see the whole and total group of purebred Arabian horses, who are the most beautiful horses in the world! If we see them in show training or in the show ring, or if we meet them at their home stud, they all may give us a lot of pleasure and a positive experience.

We hope you enjoy your summer months - by visiting shows but also the private stud farms and breeders, and hope you will have the wonderful opportunity to watching and enjoying those moments as pictured above, a group of broodmares with their foals anjoying the pastures.




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