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MARQUIS is definitely one of the most successful show colts of our time, a real superstar!

Born in 2004, he was one of the first foals and the product of the famous Multi Champion and great sire, MARWAN AL SHAQAB (Gazal Al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame), and he was successful every time shown.

Now at three years old, he is growing from colt to a stallion. Marked by a very good overall quality, balance, a wonderful masculine type, a long, elegant and nicely shaped neck, a very refined face, especially for a male, he also offers wonderful movement and great attitude.

MARQUIS was bred in the U.S. and sold as yearling, in 2005, to HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the proud owner of the famous Al Khalediah Stables in Saudi Arabia. Right in time for the Menton 2005 show, he arrived to Europe - and successful from the very beginning.

At this 2005 Menton show, and still a yearling, he entered the ring full of pride and spirit, and became immediately Reserve Champion. One year later, at the same place and as two-year-old, he took the Champion title, and again the following year, as three year-old, he became once again the Champion Colt of Menton - so with a title three times in a row. The same happened with the International A-show in Borgloon, where he also took the title three times in a row. These are only two examples of MARQUIS' unique way of show success. He might be THE most successful show colt ever shown in Europe as the list of wins increase. In each show that he has competed since 2005, he came in the top and he has collected a big number of awards. MARQUIS also had the honour to win the very first Dubai Gold Cup, a special prize for the most successful colt in a specific series of 2006/2007 ECAHO shows finalized with the Dubai International Arabian Horse Show.

2007 will be MARQUIS last year as "Junior". Handled and shown by the Belgian trainer, Philippe Hosay, MARQUIS won Champion Colt in each show that he competed this year - in Dubai, Sharjah, Menton, Borgloon and Towerlands. The only one remianing show and very last show as junior for him will be at the Paris 2007 World Championships, where he will take the challenge for leaving his "Junior" time with this ultimate title.

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