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MONTHLY - May 2009

The Foals .... are the Future!


In our societies, we say "the kids are the future" - and this is also true in horse breeding! The future are the foals, the new generations, they bring us progress.

Imagine how it would be, if everyone bred to the same stallion, even if he was no longer alive ... Technology makes it possible. Stallions' semen is frozen and is available even after his death. We can count the time and years before the mares are still available even after they passed away... Horse cloning has already been done. We could produce the same for years and decades, many full siblings, the same quality, the same look, the same level..... Is this really what we would want?
Isn't it fascinating to know about the limited number and the limited availability. The fact that we must consider the breeding steps and the decisions needed carefully. Also BECAUSE the number of Arab horses is limited, and BECAUSE some of the bloodlines and families are rare, makes them of more interest and value.

Sometimes it is said that the straight Egyptian horses are very valuable but too closely bred and for the reason, they should be out crossed. If you feel this right - then do it, but if you study the Arab horses and the straight Egyptians, you will realize, that in a well done and carefully considered straight Egyptian breeding, even in line breeding and a very selectively done inbreeding to outstanding and proven individuals, you will find great results and some excellent future basics. The straight Egyptian breeding is a fascination in its’ own right. The pedigrees, the bloodlines, the strains and the families are a close genetic pool - and to understand it needs a lot of time, study and experience. It needs the patience and the interest to look generations back, and to learn about the individuals, their qualities, their produce and family. After some time, you will start to understand the straight Egyptians, and will appreciate how fascinating the straight Egyptian breeding can be!

Whatever you decide to go for in your own breeding programme, never loose respect and never underestimate other lines in the purebred Arabs. The variety in the Arabian horse breeding is important, and a good horse is a good horse, beauty is beauty, and quality is quality - independent of which bloodline it belongs.

The foaling season in Europe and America is still in progress while in the Middle East it is over, as there, as there, it is from October to April. The above pictured foal is a 2009 born filly named NAJLA Al Safinat. She is a straight Egyptian, bred and proudly owned by the Al Safinat Stud of Khaled Ben Shokar, in Kuwait. She is by Al Safinat Stud's chief sire WAHAJ, a son of Ansata MAJESTA tracing back to the famous MALIKAH damline. His sire is ALIDAAR, the younger full brother to RUMINAJA ALI, who is also the maternal grandsire as of NEFISA Al Safinat (x Aliikat, by Ruminaja Ali), the dam of this lovely filly.




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