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MONTHLY - September 2008

The holy Month of Ramadan ....


This month, the holy month of 'Ramadan' is faced by the Muslims and Arab people and starts on the 1st of September this year (crossing again the All Nations Cup show in Aachen held on 27./28 September). During Ramadan, life changes in the Arab countries. People are not allowed to eat or drink between sunrise to sunset with the exception of those who are travelling or due to sickness or other serious reasons. Those days of breaking Ramadan needs to be individually adjusted by adding later on exactly the same number of days that were broken for example, during travelling.
The Arab year is diverging to the European and western calendar. It is a bit shorter, which is why Ramadan each year turns out to be about ten days earlier each year. Ramadan The holy month meets sometimes the very hot period of summer but also the cold days of winter. No matter which period of time it falls, the customs, demands and rules are the same, and shall help to educate the spirit of the people. The fasting during the day helps to appreciate what poor people sometimes might miss. It also helps to teach discipline, and to place the strength of the mind over needs or requirements, and to cleanse the mind and mental disposition.
During Ramadan, everything goes different in schedule and takes much more time. Business and office hours diverge to other months. Many activities and things normally done during the day, are postponed into the evening hours and night.
When the holy month ends after 29 days, the Muslims celebrate the so-named 'Eid' feast for three days. Families and friends meet together to enjoy the end of Ramadan and the fasting, to greet each other, to share their happiness, and to make gifts. The wealthy people donate money to charity and to the poorer people.

Our September 'Monthly' relates to the horses, people and life in the Arab peninsula. It shows the 1991 born, straight Egyptian stallion SHARABY, a son of Aybac (by Akhtal) and out of Yahala (by Tuhotmos) with his young Saudi handler Saed. SHARABY is bred at the El Zahraa Stud in Egypt and owned by HRH Prince Abdul Aziz bin Khalid bin Turki bin Ahmed Al Sudairi and his private studfarm 'Al Aziziyah Stud', in Saudi Arabia.




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