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GAZAL Al Shaqab


GAZAL AL SHAQAB - a name that does not need any further comment - everybody in the Arabian horse industry and all over the world knows him! He has been an extremely successful show horse since being of weanling age, and he is a multiple champion in three continents - in the Middle East, in Europe, the United States. He is an exceptional sire, who has produced outstanding sons and daughters. His most prominent daughter might still be the most lovely PIANISSIMA, from Poland, and his most famous son MARWAN AL SHAQAB who has overtaken his sire and rocketed higher in the sky than his sire himself; MARWAN AL SHAQAB and GAZAL AL SHAQAB are two of the most famous stallions of today.

GAZAL AL SHAQAB was born in 1995 and he was bred at the famous Al Shaqab Stud, in Qatar, and he has immensely progressed the glory for his country. Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Al Thani, the longtime director of the Al Shaqab and today the head of the show section, was in charge during this period in time when GAZAL and his famous stablemate, Al ADEED AL SHAQAB were bred. He had imported their two dams from the U.S. and realized the outstanding quality of the two 1995 colts, and even had them competing one against each other at the shows in Qatar. It was Sheikh Hamad, who brought these stallions and the Al Shaqab Stud to great international success and reputation.

He also sent GAZAL AL SHAQAB to the U.S. to compete at the Egyptian Event in Lexington, thereafter taking him back to continue his show career in Europe. He leased him for two years to the Polish studfarms Michalow Stud and Janow Podlaski Stud, where GAZAL produced amongst others, the famous Triple Crown winner and multiple Champion filly PIANISSIMA, the Polish National Champion Filly PINGA, the 2007 European Champion Filly PISTORIA, and many others.

For the last few years, GAZAL AL SHAQAB has been based in the U.S. to carry on enhancing Al Shaqab's reputation, and to support the American breeders and industry with his qualities - this together with his son, MARWAN AL SHAQAB, and their stablemate AL ADEED AL SHAQAB who meanwhile returned to Europe.

Maybe it is also time for GAZAL to come back, and to see him earlier or later again the desert of Qatar. The picture above shows him in one of the impressive landscapes in Qatar - and we hope to see him again in many great moments as soon as the new stud farm fields and the really huge and major equine project at Al Shaqab in Qatar is finished.

If you want to find and see more of GAZAL AL SHAQAB, visit him in our "Walk of Fame"!



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