MONTHLY - August 2007

Making Friends ...!


With so much focus going towards the shows, the industry is converted into a catwalk with all the positive, but also the negative sides of such a fashionable business.

Wasn't it originally the natural beauty of the horse itself, it's character, disposition and presence that fascinated our fathers and grand fathers, and also most of us?!

The horse originally came from a small part of this world, the Arab peninsula, but today, you will find the purebred Arab horses in all continents. The world has become smaller and Arab horses are available in quantity, with the semen of stallions being shipped all around the globe to result eleven months later in a foal in another country or continent. Within minutes, we can obtain information about and maybe even see a horse, breeder or breeding farm wherever - the internet and technology making it possible. The world has become very small.....

The human's intention to have the best, the most exotic, the most extreme, the most perfect (bit the meaning is, at the end, very individual how defined), and by all the new technics and methods available so easily today, the ideas and moments to MAKE the horse by using all those possibilities are becoming more and more common. The patience needed to breed foal after foal, generation after generation, by having only one foal from a mare each year, taking the time to follow up the natural developement of the foal and how the genetic influence emerges in a horse family - this seems to become a really old fashioned way and methodology. Time is money - and this philosophy seems to have arrived with a vengeance in the Arab horse industry! But on the other hand, breeding needs time!!!!

Going to one of today's shows, you see all these beautiful styled "models", carefully prepared and conditioned for the right look in the right moments. But isn't it also, or maybe even more, a fascinating moment, to see the Arabian horse in it's natural beauty and presence, to see and enjoy a horse that is not clipped, not shaved, not in make up, not fully filled in the edges and body structure? Wasn't it the true and natural beauty, the personal character and disposition of the Arab horse that caught the attention of most of us regarding this breed?!

Looking at the picture above and the boy sharing the foal's rest and afternoon siesta in the fields, laying and sleeping in the grass while mom got photographed some meters away from them, in make up, show shine and nice show halter. The two youngsters were exhausted, stepped to the side, made a rest and also friends. This picture and moment reflects the true and natural beauty and value of our horses, THIS is what we all love with them, isn't it! wishes you a nice August, with many of those wonderful moments!



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