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MONTHLY - October 2008

Filly ASH Donatella


Even as a weanling, ASH DONATELLA already demonstrated an exciting way of moving and action, and she never lost this moment but it has intensified as she has matured. She is bred by Arabian Sun Horses in Belgium, and belongs to the wonderful broodmare family of the ASH foundation mare N.A.DIVINA who regularly produces horses that are able to move. However, ASH DONATELLA is extra special in this area, and takes after her dam, the Warandes Plakat daughter DAHMA, who herself, is known for her excellent and smooth yet powerful gaits. In the junior age group, DAHMA was Belgian National Champion Filly and European Champion Filly reserve. ASH DONATELLA's sire is the well known WH JUSTICE, who stamps his get with his beautiful front end and neck, as he did to this filly, too. ASH DONATELLA is already collecting her own show records and while proudly shown during 2008 among the yearlings has already achieved several success and ribbons.

However, today, so much focus goes into looking at only the face of the horse, and here even more specifically, mostly only to the so-named 'dish'. But what is a dish worth without the rest of the horse, it needs to be beautiful, classical and charismatic in total! The Arab horse is marked by it's overall beauty, the expression and charisma, and beauty means more than just a dish and this one part and line in the shape of the face. Among many other moments, it is also the eye - that should be attentive, big, dark and full; the nostrils - that should be big, wide and with fine borders when in expression; the harmony of the shape of the head - if more long and refined, if more triangled and short - the variety is very important in the breed, too. It is the length and shape of the neck and the throat, the overall balance and harmony of the body, the presence. The Arab horse is marked by many typical moments we all identified for decades as the classical criteria of Arab horse - and it is not only the dish. The classical presence of a horse, the pride of the upright stance - even if it is carried in moments in this 'swan neck' look, or even when it is straight upright and attentively looking in the far distance; it is the wonderful and high, natural tail carriage what was called 'the flag of the prophet'; and it is also the gallop in short but speedy cuts.
While posing and snorting, tail up and nose up, with nostrils flared wide, this is what we all love and enjoy to see with the Arab horse. Nobody cares in such a moment if the 'dish' is more or less. The spirit, charisma and presence counts and catches our attention!

So let us enjoy our Arab horses in their individual and natural beauty, watching them as a 'total' package, this with a clear, true and honest mind and eye. Just by doing this we can progress the breeding. By raising the awareness of the true important moments of a horse instead of 'designing' our 'dream horse/s' with the modern technology of computers. Just watch, find and SEE the beauty, which means. the natural and true beauty, which important especially for the breeding!




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