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MONTHLY - March 2009

ESCAPE Ibn Navarrone


'Nomen est Omen'! This saying is from the ancient dead Latin language but provides us with a very lively description when we see the above picture of the stallion and read his name: ESCAPE! When ESCAPE Ibn Navarrone turns it on, it is so exciting to watch, and you do indeed escape for some moments from reality to the exciting emotional moments of beauty, enjoying every second of this stallion's spirit, when his muscles come more and more tense until all energy explodes in his striking leg!
Proudly owned by the famous Ajman Stud, ESCAPE succeeded many times in international shows as a champion, and collected in junior and senior age all the major titles including that of World Champion Stallion in 2006 and Reserve in 2007. In February 2009, he was shown again at the First International Abu Dhabi show where he became the unanimous Champion Stallion - returning to the show ring, and looking better than ever.

This year, it seems to be that many famous and already most successful show horses and multi and World Champions return to the shows, continuing without any break, or with only one or two years at rest since their last big success. If it was the famous World and multi champions Marwan Al Shaqab, Venetzia, Baanderos and F-Shamaal shown again at the recent Qatar show last month, or if it might be the World and Aachen Champion Stallion of 2006 and Dubai Champion Stallion and Gold Cup winner 2007, Al Lahab, the multiple and World Champion/reserve Dakharo, or multiple and World Champion Marajj, or the multiple and World Champion Mares Kwestura and Bess-Fa'Izah. And maybe even some more. The big game goes on, the big contenders continue or return, and the big prize money definetly attracts many breeders and horses. The quality at the First International Abu Dhabi 2009 show with some millions of prize money displayed a standard in quality and number of horses that was really amazing for a B-show. And the upcoming Dubai International DIAHC show 2009 held during the middle of this month already has a number of entries of more than 400 with more than 300 in the ECAHO show and classes!

'Nomen est Omen' - so ESCAPE is also the name of a big, new equine project and resort center in Ajman with the slogan: Escape to the place where you can hear the hoof beatz....! "Escape Equine Community" is a project created and established in cooperation with HH Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the proud owner of ESCAPE IBN NAVARRONE and owner of the famous Ajman Stud. The equine resort hot it's name by the double meaning from the name of Sheikh Ammar's famous stallion to reflect the idea and vision of the project: to build an equine center where people can escape from the stressful daily life and the hectic urbanic iving, where they can enjoy their time with horses, spending their time in a nice family and equine atmosphere, and sharing various equine surrounding and community.

Whatever it concerns, we all should consider from time to time to escape, so why not do it indeed - in one or another way!




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