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MONTHLY - November 2008

Straight Egyptian Stallion Ansata Hejazi


The November 'Monthly' is dedicated to the straight Egyptian stallion Ansata HEJAZI who belongs to Mohammed Jassim Al Marzouk, from the Ajmal Stud in Kuwait. Ansata HEJAZI was born in 1992 and he was bred by Judy and Don Forbis of the historical Ansata Arabian Stud in the United States. When Mohammed Al Marzouk saw Ansata HEJAZI as a young stallion in the United States, he felt that this stallion might be the right one to start up his straight Egyptian breeding programme in Kuwait from sire's side.

And he was right! Not only has HEJAZI been a real ambassador for the Ajmal Stud and for Kuwait, he is a true masculin horse in his overall appearance and presence, and he also proved himself to be a very good sire. Several wonderful daughters can be seen in Kuwait and Qatar, and he also produced some well known sons. One of those is Ansata Al Murtajiz, imported to Kuwait by Ezzain Stud, Usamah Al Kazemi, now co-owned by Rayan Stud, Alaa Al Rouaimi, and Al Sharq Stud, Talal Al Nisif, in Kuwait. Another one is Ansata Nile Echo, owned by the Al Naif Stud in Qatar, who has achieved several wins and always delivers an extraordinary trot full of action and power winning repeatedly in the Liberty class at shows.

Ansata HEJAZI is of straight Egyptian breeding and a son of Ansata HALIM SHAH out of Ansata SUDARRA, who traces back in the damline to the famous E.A.O. mare Bukra. Through this line he is from the most successful Dahman Shahwan strain. Also his sire, Ansata Halim Shah, comes from the same family and traces back through the tail female line again to Bukra, which means that Ansata HEJAZI is on both sides from the same family, strain and tail female line.

BUKRA is also the dam of the great GHAZAL, one of the three famous NAZEER sons in Germany who was highly influential and progressed the international straight Egyptian breed - as there are GHAZAL, KAISOON and HADBAN ENZAHI. Many internationally successful and influential horses trace back to them once or more often - for example, the famous 'Queen' of straight Egyptian breeding, MALIKAH and her full sister MOHEBA II, both by Ghazal; then their progeny, several one by HADBAN ENZAHI and KAISOON - as for example , the stallions MALIK, MAHOMED, MADKOUR I (all by Hadban Enzahi) and MAYMOON (by Kaisoon), and the daughters, MAISA, MAYMOONAH and MONA III (by Hadban Enzahi). The crossing of those continued the class and quality of this family and produced some outstanding contributions to the breed.

When Ansata HEJAZI was photographed in Kuwait, the owner requested his trainer and handler to shoot him "as he is" - naturally and without any make-up, clipping or 'additives'. In the current times, this was a really surprising but very pleasent moment to get told. Especially in the days, when the showing business demands a lot of work, time and efforts to show off the horse on stage and on the catwalk fully styled. And in the publicity and in the promotion of individual horses it is increasingly more common that the "designer horses"are created by an rapidly increasing number of people 'finalizing' the horse in the pic (=retouching and altering) by post-computer work to bring it up to perfection and the ideal - no matter what is the real horse.
The above picture shows Ansata HEJAZI in his true and real moments. A horse with a wonderful masculine type, expression and charisma, a big, dark eye, and a wonderful (natural!!) tail carriage, being a significant sign of the Arab horse, and in the early days regularly called and admired as the 'the flag of the prophet'.




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