MONTHLY - February 2010

The Shaolin Monks at Ajman Stud
The Art of Kung Fu & Mastering Your Mind


The Combination of Power, Strength, Elegance, Style and Mind - this what is reflected in the scenario of this picture, It is what both represent - the famous Ajman Stud and the Shaolin Monks, the Kung Fu and Chi warriors from China!

Every year in the middle of January, His Highness Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman and owner of the famous Ajman Stud, organizes an Arab horse show in his emirate. Although just an ECAHO national C-level, this show is one of the very best in atmosphere, setting and design of the show ground, and each year a different theme with a spectacular finishing ceremony and evening show with lights, sound, fireworks and special displays before the champions and medal winners of the Arab horse show get announced and awarded. Each year, Sheikh Ammar produces something different to the previous years, while on each occasion you experience a presentation and final of highest class, style, taste, creativity, all selected by a great mind!

This year, in 2010, the famous group of the Shaolin monks were invited and flown in for an exciting presentation. The home of the Shaolin monks is in China at the Shaolin temple, and the group of fourteen monks between ten and seventy years in age is travelling around the world to demonstrate their art of Kung Fu.
A tradition of peace, harmony and spirituality forged through years of struggle, invasion and war, with the constant threat to their sacred temple, led the Shaolin to create a unique form of martial art, based on their spiritual beliefs - and they named it Kung Fu!

In a once forbidden world, at a time of incredible change, in a fast growing economy, a two thousand year old tradition continues at a legendary temple, famous all over the world as The Shaolin Temple.
Discipline, strength, spirit, and the mastering of mind is the basis of their art reflected in a unique theatrical presentation by an international creative team of fourteen Shaolin monks with the youngest aged ten and the oldest of the group being seventy. The Shaolins portray a story of compassion, survival and triumph.

In Ajman, 'the Art of Kung Fu and Mastering of Mind' met the living art in the beauty of the Arab horse, and Sheikh Ammar, a master in taste and mind created again something special for his show .....

Visiting his famous Ajman Stud, the Shaolin monks posed for us around his horses and the new 'bronze clone' of the stud's famous Multi Champion, Escape Ibn Navarrone, a one-to-one oversized copy of him decorating the front of the new stable, this in the typical and worldwide known pose of this stallion, the striking leg.

Don't miss the next show in Ajman in 2011, and also don't miss to visit the next show of the Shaolin monks in your area - it is well worth seeing, either together or individually! Get a first idea and taste by this picture of our new 'Monthly' - and when the beauty and spirit of the Arab horse meets the art of Kung Fu and spirit in mastered mind. The full coverage of the Ajman 2010 show will come up in ArabianFlashlights.com within these few days - just watch out in our "Shows/Events" section!




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