MONTHLY - September 2010

Heading for the big Title shows in Europe ....


We are in September, and all the training stables, show studs and the showing community are looking ahead and focusing on the three big shows in Europe that fall towards the end of season and the year - the All Nations Cup in Aachen, the European Championships, and the Paris World Championships. The Top Contenders are found, much discussed, and the big "fights" for the top titles and Gold medals start now. Who will be the Title champions? Which stud will have the nose in front? Will the Champion and reserve come only from the Middle East, what will happen... Everybody is anxiously waiting for to see what will happen.
The first of the 'Big Three', the three Title shows in Europe, is with the All Nations Cup in Aachen at the end of September. The show is in new and old hands, still the ANC (All Nations Cup) committee and the VZAP (the German Arab Horse Society) but with a new leader. The show system stays the same, just some new and old faces will come up. The "big global players" in the show bizz are increasing more and more in number, whilst the judges' panel in Aachen is quite interesting - as not in a in-one-and-only-hand unit, but a kind of mix and 'splitters' to each and all directions. The top show contenders are competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze, and we will see who and how they will have taken it at the end.
Shows and its results are always a moment of 'subjectiveness', we will not see a horse passing the finishing line and by so, be obviously the first, and so the winner. We will have to see how it works and what the judges like this time, or like to see winning.
We wish all participants a nice and fair show in a great atmosphere and with the right horses winning in the end!




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