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MONTHLY - February 2009

Straight Egyptian MOGADOR El Malik


We are already galloping in the New Year and the 2009 season has started, which hopefully will bring us a lot of exciting moments, moments of freedom and full of beauty allowing us to watch our beloved horses not only in the show ring but also many times in the pasture at liberty.....

In addition to the show season, the breeding season also starts and is already in full progress or in the Middle East countries, nearly over as they start their breeding year on the 1st of October. In Europe and America we start on the 1st of January. However, we should seriously focus on the importance of breeding and the genetic pools, chances and risks. We have to see with honest minds the risks, the more serious ones like SCID, Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA), or the epileptic acting of foals in some specific lines, or even the "minor" ones like low pigmentation, pinky around the eye or even all over the body (and we are not talking about the marking of a horse, it is meant the true pigmentation loss that we are seeing more and more and in all diffferent bloodlines), the white in the eyes, and also naturally low tail carriage (that often gets 'help' from the humans to be carried as 'flag of the prophet' but should be carried this way natural to also breed on...). All this we should carefully take care to identify and avoid in order to improve the chances of obtaining a better result and improved health in the breeding.
Looking away was and is never a good way in life. It might sometimes be hard to face the truth, but we have to see and face also the negative or unhappy truth in order to be able to make things better.

The above picture shows the straight Egyptian stallion MOGADOR EL MALIK in the pasture who comes from a very solid family and excellent pedigree and quality background. He breeds his qualities and those of his family. He is bred and owned by Frank Filsinger, owner of Filsinger Arabians in Germany, a breeding programme founded more than 50 years ago, and he already produced some groups of outstanding foals. The tail female line of MOGADOR comes from the famous MALIKAH (see also her story in the "Portraits" section), who made an incredible impact to the straight Egyptian breeding worldwide. She indeed is the "secret jewel" and matriarch for many straight Egyptian breeders. MOGADOR's family and bloodline has improved for many decades and generations to be of best quality, and they are all stamped of type, classical presence, charisma and spirit. Even not shown or promoted strongly, he has his fan club, and he has bred and proved already to be a sire of the highest quality of MALIKAH and her grandson's MAYMOON family.

If you want to know more about MOGADOR EL MALIK and his straight
Egyptian breeding and family, see his Portrait here in ArabianFlashlights.com, or visit the website of his breeder and owner of Filsinger Arabians.




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