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MONTHLY - November 2009

With every day ending ... a new one starts!


Sometimes, we have moments in our days and life that makes you feel "strange", that makes you feel that something is coming to an end. But with every day that ends, every success and every door closing, another new one opens. This seems to be an unwritten rule in life!

And this is what we even often experience in our days with Arabian horses. Whether in breeding, showing,  or in racing. Today you are happy and your horse is in the top, tomorrow, at the next show or next race, you lose. So many top class horses and champions we have seen winning, but we also have seen them losing. Or even have seen them starting up with big hopes from the owners, but then not even getting a top place ranking. Owners believing in their horse and bringing them back, might find that after one or two years they are "suddenly" discovered  by the audience or judging panels, maybe better promoted than before, and suddenly the horse comes in the spotlight. However, the horse is still the same, maybe it  better conditioned, better groomed and trained, maybe better presented, or simply in a better stage and mood. Or maybe just turned from a grey to white in colour. Many reasons can influence - especially in the show bizz, where we are simply in the field of subjective moments. In the show industry, one does not measure the performance, there is no watch stopping the time of speed, no finishing line to see which horse passed first, second, third. In the show business, we all simply judge in our subjective and individual understanding of beauty of  what we see. All lies in the eyes of the beholder - and in the shows, it is in the hands of the judges and people around. Whatever comes out as a  result in the end, the horse is still the same horse - whether winning or losing!

In November and December, we are looking forward to the big and important show in the show calendar. A lot of top class horses are competing there, a lot of brand new champions, title winners, and a lot of the former big title winners. All competing against each other (maybe even again!) to repeat their world class title. But only one can win! The others will lose, even when winning at the end a Silver or a Bronze medal. We see happily exploding owners of the winners then, and a lot of disappointed and depressed faces of those whose horse or famous champion did not win but lost. Anyway, the horse is the same, and it was the same before and after a success. Only the reputation may change!

So when you have one of those days when you feel that things are going "strange" – don’t forget that every dawn brings another new day, and a new chance. If your horse is winning or not, enjoy your horses as it is - with or without ribbons. And if a day brings you the big sunshine of success, trophies and spotlight, enjoy, take it, take the ribbons, the trophy, place them at your home and stables to be seen by  visitors - but more importantly, enjoy watching or showing your horse - it is still the same - with or without the ribbons.

ArabianFlashlights.com wishes all the contenders of the upcoming European and the World Championships good luck! May the beauty, may the right ones win! All owners deciding to take the new or repeated challenges should enjoy what they do, and more importantly, should enjoy their horse - with or without the win - with or without the ribbons. The show is maybe very glamorous, but to watch a beautiful Arab horse in the flesh and charisma is giving an upraising light, is so much nicer than any trophy or ribbon in the room, isn't it ?!




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