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MONTHLY - July 2009

It's Summer time ..... !


The blue sea makes us start dreaming ... a swim in the cool blue sea, sandy beaches, laying under the plames.... and to see a beautiful white Arab mare standing in this wonderful blue sea blending into a blue horizon - this is just beautiful, a picture of nature's artwork created and caught by a camera and a photographer's eye. Such a picture is possible with an Arab mare of smart disposition, ready to act in the right way for this picture. The above model was a truly lady - at least, at first - not moving for some moments when posed into the sea and when Irina Filsinger, the photographer, requested the handler to carefully remove the halter and let this mare standing in liberty, after she realized due to longtime experience, that the mare would stay and stand safely it for the seconds it took to shoot this pic!

This picture was taken in 2001, as a very first series of an Arab horse in the open sea and at liberty. Taken at a time when photographers were still working with negatives, so the pictures and images really still need to be setup, arranged and shot. There was no digital post-work, no digital manipulation, no removing of halters by computer, no finalizing of a horse to perfection by Photoshop and changing from reality but towards an intended beauty. At that time, the basic professional work and experience did count. And normally, you could rely on a picture. Today, we quite often doubt and question what we get presented within pictures, the (made) "Designer-horses" are more and more popular - the horse altered in the final pic, finalized to unreal beauty by computer work. Whatever the reason for it - whether it is marketing, or money, or evem the personal ego of the owner or of the photographer or graphic designer - at least, we never should forget: the horse breed as it is in real, not how it looks in those pictures!

The value of a horse is it's true and it's real appearance and quality! The value of a picture today is the look of an individual horse in a moment and a highlight, and it's truth! And in scenery shots, it sometimes is also the vision and story behind the picture that come through instinctively. The Arab horse deserves our respect - as magnificent a creature as it is. It gives us so many enjoyable and different moments and stories, so many valuable experiences with and through them, that we simply maybe can not pay them back what they give to us, but at least, we should simply take, respect and enjoy them as the individual creatures that they are, and breed them to breed on and to improve their quality!




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