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TALADINN __(*1992) __
Sire: DWD Tabasco
Dam: Winnetka
Bloodlines: Polish


Donald W.M. Doessel/ USA

Stables of King Abdullah Ben A'Aziz and Sons,
Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


DWD Tabasco
 Wielka Penkinska
Halali Tamarisk
Halali Fortuna
Wielka Szampana







Black Arabians are rare indeed, and a black Arabian stallion of quality rarer still. The 1992 born TALADINN was already a special from the very beginning, and he garnered highest honors in Europe at the prestigeous All Nations Cup, at the European Championships and at the World Championships winning the title as Junior Champion Colt in each of those major shows.

TALADINN was born in the U.S., bred by Don W. Doessel. The young German breeder, Thomas Mayer, just starting his vision on the black breeding programme, purchased the pure Polish and imported him to Germany in 1993 for his 'Black Smoke Family' stud. Excited by this elegant black colt, he decided to show him shortly after at the 1993 Baden -Baden International show, this with immediate success. More excited by this title, the young couple took their colt in a trailer behind their car driving the long way southward down to France and the Côte d'Azur to find out what TALADINN would do at the European Championships in Menton. And again, he finished as Junior Champion Colt in 1993. With big dreams and hope, the Mayers went to the World Championships in Paris, and immediately TALADINN became the favorite of the crowd and audience, he finsihed the 1993 Paris show 'only' in the honors of a Top TEN Colt.

Nevertheless, Thomas Mayer believed in his young black, and so he took the challenge again two years later in 1995, and this time, his big dream came true: TALADINN became World Junior Champion at three years of age, and during the award ceremony, the tall German man stood next to his little young colt, hugging him and crying while the German anthem was played - when dreams come true....

TALADINN went back home, and started his 'career' as sire. Between 1995 and 1998, a total of 63 foals by TALADINN are registered in the German Studbook, many of them retained at the stud of 'Black Smoke Family'. "In 1997, we sold TALADINN to Saudi Arabia, and this was maybe the hardest decision I have had to do. But at that time we needed the money, and we had a lot of foals by him on the ground as well as mares in foal, so we let him go", Thomas Mayer said. But until today, he still misses TALADINN, he was something special for him, he was the horse of his life that 'made' him in the Arabian horse world and opened doors.

Exported to Saudi Arabia, TALADINN was immediately gifted to the Crown Prince of that time, who is today's His Majesty, King Abdullah. TALADINN has since matured into a 15 year old stallion, and can be found in excellent condition and health, and enjoying his life at the 'Stables of King Abdullah and Sons' in Janadria, a stud farm area on the outskirts of Riyadh. He gets presented each time when His Majesty, the King comes to the farm, alone as well as with visitors. TALADINN's character is very handsome, smart and quiet, such that you would not expect and can change in a moment, when he comes to public and in the spotlight of a show crowd. He turns on like by a switched button, and presents himself in full spirits and his characteristic style and action. TALADINN's bold presence and striking motion are reminiscent of a warhorse of bygone days, and he is also worked under saddle,and competing also under saddle, he was named the Ridden Class Champion at the Middle East Championships in Jordan.

Several successful descendants by TALADINN came out with great success, many of them black like him. His son BS SUMMERSET, a very typey and classical, elegant stallion, was sold to a private breeder in Saudi Arabia, and is shown regularly throughout the Middle East, and also regularly placed top ranking of his class. Another son was exported to Jeddah, and is raced successfully in flat racing. Another son in Saudi Arabia, the 1997 born, grey ALA ALDEIN, was named Saudi National Junior Champion reserve in 1998.


(February 2007)



(during his first presentation in Paris in 1993, winning TOP TEN colt as yearling)

Photo: Irina Filsinger

(winning European Champion Colt in 1993, as yearling)

Photo: Irina Filsinger

(winning World Champion Colt in Paris in 1995, as Three-year.old)

Photo: Irina Filsinger



His Major Show Records:

1993 Junior Champion Colt International Show Baden-Baden/ DE (B)
1993 Junior Champion Colt All Nations Cup Show, Aachen/ DE (Title show)
1993 European Champion Colt European Championships Menton/ FR (Title show)
1993 TOP TEN Colt World Championships Paris (Tile show)
1995 2.pl./ Three-year-old Colts European Championships Moorsele/ BE (Title show)
1995 World Champion Colt World Championships Paris (Title show)
2005 2.pl./Stallions 13 years & over Saudi National Arabian Horse Show, Dirab/ KSA

(Status: Febr. 2007)


Some Representative Get:

The 1998 born Taladinn son,
BS BLACK FABLE (out of BS Black Fantasy)

Bred by Black Smoke Family, Germany, exported to Poland

Photo: Irina Filsinger


The 1998 born Taladinn son,
BS SUMMERSET (out of DP Black Sinder)

Bred by Black Smoke Family, Germany,
owned by Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Al Sheikh, Saudi Arabia

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger

The 1997 born Taladinn son,
BS DDIABOLO (out of Ddinnerka)

Bred and owned by Black Smoke Family, Germany

Photo: Irina Filsinger




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