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MOGADOR el Malik __(*1991) _
Sire: Manal

(Anchor Hill Halim x Malikah)

Dam: Munifah Bint Malikah (Maymoon x Malikah)
Bloodline (Strain): Straight Egyptian - Dahman Shahwan -

Breeder & Owner :

FILSINGER ARABIANS, Frank Filsinger/ Germany



  Munifah Bint Malikah
 Anchor Hill Halim







The moment he prances out of his stable, screaming and calling the mares and telling everybody "Here I am ...", MOGADOR EL MALIK fully reminds of his sire, the late "Elite Stallion" MANAL, champion in halter and performance, and one of the prominent sons of his famous dam, the "Queen" MALIKAH. He was special from the beginning, so no wonder that his name is "Mogador, the King"!

Born in 1991, he is one of the valuable produce of the exquisite but late MAYMOON daughter MUNIFAH BINT MALIKAH, one of the jewels bred and living at Filsinger Arabians' stud in Germany. Straight Egyptian in pedigree, and accepted by all major organizations of those bloodlines worldwide - the Pyramid Society, the Asil Club, the Al Khamsa, and the Blue List, MOGADOR carries the best of the best in the straight Egyptian breeding. Being a classical Dahman Shahwan in strain, he represents the classical Arabian horse in type, elegance, overall quality, balance, with a very nice set, long and elegant neck, a good top line,. And he has excellent smooth and powerful movement. That's a contradiction in terms you say - not at all! MOGADOR has the powerful action, using his hocks, but is also very smooth and elastic in his gait as is the whole MALIKAH family.

Full of male expression and spirit, MOGADOR is very handsome, and you would not believe the sound when he comes out of the stalls for breeding and making noise like twenty stallions. Maybe this is his way to tell the other challengers at stud: this is my field, it's me who is king...! He has such a great personality, and a stallion with great self confidence, yet very trustful all time and each minute. Breeding his mares in the natural way, he needs only a lead on a stall halter!

With regard to his pre-potency as sire, MOGADOR has proven himself a bit later than normal - not due to himself or his quality, but the reason was more that the time when he was matured enough and came of breeding age, his breeder and owner, Frank Filsinger, stayed very private, enjoying his horses without any further public activity or much breeding for some years. However, the moment this changed, in 2003, MOGADOR was the first of his younger stallions that was immediately used for breeding, as he was always what Frank had been looking for in his and his late father's breeding programme to continue as of all qualities: type, quality, disposition!

Meanwhile, MOGADOR has a group of foals over three breeding years on the ground, colts and fillies, and his get represents exactly what you expect from his pedigree as well as from his individual presence. MOGADOR's foals are really outstanding, reflecting great quality - without any exception! Their value will make the new base for the future breeding at Filsinger Arabians, in the males as well as the female side. MOGADOR already has given his stamp to this straight Egyptian breeding programme that has existed already for five decades. He and his foals will play a huge role and carry on the future of his great ancestors MAYMOON, MANAL and MALIKAH!

(Febr. 2007)


Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger




Produce and Representatives:

MOGADOR's 2004 born son,
MAJEED El Mogador
(out of Maharani Nabilah/ Nabil Ibn Nazeefa x Marani el Malikah)
- straigt Egyptian -

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger


MOGADOR's 2005 born son,
MALAKI el Mogador
(out of Maha Bint Mansoura/ Maymoon x Maisa)

- straigt Egyptian -

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger


MOGADOR's 2006 born daughter and full sister to MALAKI
- straigt Egyptian -

Photo: Irina Filsinger



MOGADOR's 2006 born daughter,
MUDANYA Bint Masria
(out of Masria Nabilah/ Nabil Ibn Nazeefa x Munifah Bint Malikah)

- straigt Egyptian -

Photo: Irina Filsinger




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