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Asil Cup Champion and ELITE stallion




MANAL __(*1975-1993) __*** ELITE Stallion ***
Sire: Anchor Hill Halim

(Hadbah x Silima)

Dam: Malikah (Ghazal x Malacha)
Bloodline (Strain): Straight Egyptian - Dahman Shahwan -
Breeders & Owners: FILSINGER ARABIANS, Dr. Erwin Filsinger & Frank Filsinger/ Germany



Anchor Hill Halim (imp.US)
Fa Deena
Ansata Ibn Halima
Asal Sirabba
El Sareei


(pictured in 1988)____________________________________________

Photo: Irina Filsinger






Each time he came out of his stables and appeared to the public (while at this time in the seventies and eighties, there had been not very many shows, showing was not as much in focus as we see it today) MANAL made a spectacular show and presence. He was a true stallion, full of masculine spirit, but so easy to handle by using only one finger with the lead. He was a true gentlemen, the ideal combination of beauty and performance.

MANAL is a straight Egpytian born in 1974, and a son out of the famous 'Queen of straight Egyptian Breeding', MALIKAH. This makes him a maternal half brother to the famous stallions MAHOMED and MALIK, to MAYMOONAH, the dam of the stallions MAYMOON and MESSAOUD, and to MAISA, the dam of muliple Champion Stallion MAHYUBI Ibn Maisa and MANSOURA Bint Maisa - all by the Nazeer son HADBAN ENZAHI and out of MALIKAH, all bred by Dr. Erwin Filsinger and Filsinger Arabians in Germany, where MANAL also had been born and had his home.

MANAL was ridden daily by his owner to outside the fields, and both enjoyed this time together. Dr. Filsinger predicted the great abilities of MANAL as riding stallion, of which he became aware when sitting regularly on his back, that he was a true horse in front of the rider. In the late seventies and eighties, every stallion in Germany was required to pass a specific National Stallions Licensing Show. Without this license judged by a Committee of equine experts from the German government and representatives of the German Arab Horse Society VZAP, a stallion could not breed foals receiving papers from the VZAP. So it was a real 'must' to pass the Stallion Licensing Show - and MANAL did! Aged three years, MANAL not only passed successfully his license, he also became champion in this event. To be licensed was not enough for a stallion in those days. They also needed to pass a 100-day-performance test at a central station, prove themselves in a final test in dressage, jumping under saddle and in liberty, and cross country riding. At five years of age, MANAL went to the State Stud of Marbach, and finished his Performance Test in success, and was the best Arabian Stallion at the final test.

Photo: Irina Filsinger

As his breeders never really focussed on shows, MANAL enjoyed most of his life at the pastures, breeding mares, and enjoying rides in the countryside. However, in 1988, Frank Filsinger, son of Dr. Filsinger, who had been involved with the Arabian horses all his life learning from his father, sharing and continuing the studfarm and experience, and making the majority of the breeding decisions since the late 70s and early 80s, he decided to bring MANAL out to a major public event once more. As a late entry, not listed in the show catalogue, MANAL went to the 1988 Asil Cup International Show at the castle in Ludwigsburg, Germany, arriving the night before his class, to be 'the big surprise" next morning. Taken to the show arena and waiting outside to be presented, MANAL had already presented and introduced himself to the audience, screaming around (as a true stallion in natural behaviour normally does when surrounded by other horses), this stallion of beauty, type, charisma, with the big dark eyes, wide openly nostrils, huge upright posture, great presence and pride, telling everybody: look, here I am.....!
Quickly, the 14-year-old MANAL was surrounded by many people watching this exquisite grey stallion - visitors, straight Egyptian breeders, enthusiasts, and everybody was wondering or asking: "Who is this stallion, who is he ....." And joking like Frank Filsinger sometimes likes to do, he said in a very serious tone: "This is our new import from America ...." (at that time, Egyptians from the U.S. were in upcoming fashion, everybody focussed to the far away horses, and as usual in life, the quality and opportunities close and available have not the interest deserved as being too close ....the unavailable and far away is always much more interesting .... unless it arrives, comes close and available, and suddenly it comes also 'out'....). However, half-an-hour later, everybody knew WHO this brillant grey stallion had been. MANAL became pronounced as winner of his class, trotting and moving around in the rain and mud with his powerful movements and action, playing and getting easily played by his excited handler, Jan Calis, who just let MANAL show himself in his natural great presence. A few hours later MANAL added the title as Senior Champion Stallion, followed by the award as the "Asil Cup Winner- Males" (competition between Senior and Junior Champion, the year of Manal, against Maysoun), to finalize with the ultimate "Best-in-Show" title (competition between the Asil Cup Winner Females which was his grand daughter Bint Ibn Maymoon, against Asil Cup Winner 'Males', which was her maternal grand father, MANAL).

MANAL's pedigree is an interesting combination of the most valuable blood of the GHAZAL daughter MALIKAH, tracing back to the HALIMA tail female line. MANAL's sire is the U.S. import Anchor Hill HALIM, a grandson of Ansata IBN HALIMA, and with SIRECHO as the great grandsire, a very rare and valuable blood in the straight Egyptian breeding. MANAL is a classical Dahman Shahwan, by strain as well as in his total apprearance and 'look'.
"Besides MAYMOON and NABIL IBN NAZEEFA, MANAL is one of the three important sire line I select and have succeeded in our straight Egyptian breeding program", Frank Filsinger, today's owner of Filsinger Arabians, in Germany, says. "His blood is very important to me. In our broodmare band we have several granddaughters and great granddaughters of MANAL, especially through his extremely typey daughter ZABA BINT ZEENAH, who passed away three years ago", he continues. "With his son MOGADOR EL MALIK, I have what I always wanted to have from this blood on sire's side. And added by the high value of his dam's side, MOGADOR continues to pass on to his foals his individual qualities as well as those of his parents and famous ancestors. "He is very important to me in our straight Egyptian breeding and stud, and for our future", Frank Filsinger says.

The one year older full sister to ZABA Bint Zeenah, the 1979 born MANAL daughter ZEEMANA, was sold from Filsinger Arabians to California in 1983, together with her daughter BINT MAYMOON. Her influence and produce returned later to Europe, the first was the ZEEMANA son and International Champion Stallion, MB ZEKHIEL (sold from the U.S. to Arabian Sun Horses in Belgium), and then the mare MB AUTUMN MOON of the German Friedmann Stud, a 1997 granddaughter of BINT MAYMOON producing successfully.

The VZAP (German Arabi Horse Society) awarded MANAL as 'Elite Stallion', a title that is given in respect of the most successful Arabian horses in the German Arab horse breeding, proven in beauty, quality, performance, and as sire/broodmare.

In 1993, MANAL passed away! Besides others, he left the before mentioned straight Egyptian son MOGADOR EL MALIK (out of Munifah Bint Malikah, by Maymoon) at Filsinger Arabiansto be an excellent representative of those qualities, and carrying on MANAL's blood and values. Born in 1991, bred and owned by Filsinger Arabians, he is the successor of the MANAL line and has proven to be an excellent sire. His foals reflect the excellence in type and quality you may expect from this pedigree coming from a close linebreeding to MALIKAH, and with the wonderful spirit, presence, smart character and disposition of his sire.



His major Success:

1977 Halter Champion German National Stallion Licensing Show
1979 Performance winner German National Stallions Performance Test
1988 Senior Champion Stallion Asil Cup International, Castle of Ludwigsburg/ DE
1988 Winner "Asil Cup - Males" Asil Cup International, Castle of Ludwigsburg/ DE
1988 "Best-in-Show" Asil Cup International, Castle of Ludwigsburg/ DE


Some Representatives:


The 1991 born Manal son, MOGADOR el Malik
(out of Munifah Bint Malikah/ by Maymoon)

Photo: Irina Filsinger


Manal's 1980 born late daughter,
ZABA Bint Zeenah
(out of Zeenah/Kaisoon x Zabia)

Photo: Irina Filsinger


The Manal granddaughter, 1988 Asil Cup Champion Females
(Nasran Ibn Maymoon x Zaba Bint Zeenah/by Manal)

Photo: Irina Filsinger


The Manal granddaughter,
ZEPHYRA Bint Sheikh
(Sheikh Maymoon x Zaba Bint Zeenah/by Manal)

Photo: Irina Filsinger



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