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FARRES __(*1995) __
Sire: Anaza el Farid ___(*1988) __
Dam: Shameerah __(*1991) __
Bloodlines (Strain): straight Egyptian_ (Dahman Shahwan)


David & Kathy Teitrick/USA

Al Mohamadia Arabian Horse Stud,
HH Prince Abdullah Bin Fahad Al Saud/ Saudi Arabia


Anaza El Farid
 Ruminaja Ali
 Bint Deena
 MFA Mareekh Amir
 AK Shahniya
Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
Ansata Ibn Halima
El Mareekh
MFA Moniem
AK Shah Moniet
AK Fanniya







FARRES was bred in the United States by the Teitrick family. Born in 1995, he was a grand son of the famous Ruminaja Ali, who was an international force at this time, especially due to his influence in breeding. Amongst others, Ruminaja Ali was the sire of the Egyptian Event Lexington and All Nations Cup Champion Mare, the late BSA Aliya, as well as of the famous herd sire at Lenita Perroy's stud in Brazil, the bay Egyptian related, Ali Jamaal. He was also the sire of The Minstril, whose blood was widespread and influential mostly through his famous son Thee Desperado who is an exquisite individual and also proved himself to be a great producer. FARRES' damline consisted of good ancestors and came from the important Dahman Shahwan strain. FARRES went white early, represented type and quality, and always immediately captured the attention of the spectators when when making an entrance. He regularly shows off his charisma and male spirit.

It was not really surprising, that when several people were interested in him, and when he was shown and won in 2001 at the Egyptian Event in Lexington that he now had a new owner, the famous Al Shaqab Stud, from Qatar. Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Al Thani, Managing Director of Al Shaqab Stud at this time, had seen him, liked the stallion, and purchased him. Others had also asked after FARRES before but the price was too much. One of them was Michael Resch, from Karija Arabians in Canada. However, as of specific circumstances it happened, that some short time after Lexington, Michael Resch received a call from the agent sttating, that it might be possible, that he could aquire FARRES ..... And indeed, it happened, and Michael Resch did not hesitate and realized his dream purchasing FARRES in 2001, just shortly after his success in Lexington.

Keeping the stallion based in the U.S., he was shown and promoted by Karija Arabians in America, while the owner also had some interest and ambition to look to Europe. FARRES was finally was sent over in 2002 to a trainer based in Germany, and he was shown in Europe for two years. During that time he won three Reserve Champion titles in 2003, and in 2004 he became Champion Stallion at the Egyptian Event Europe in Baden-Baden. Thereafter it became a bit more quiet around him as he was not shown anymore. However, a young and ambitious new breeder from Saudi Arabia became attentive about him, found out the terms and the price, and just a few weeks later, and before the year of 2005 turned into 2006, FARRES had a new home and owner: HH Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud, from Saudi Arabia. Best known among the endurance riders (as being an active and successful endurance rider), HH Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud is also best known in the show scene with his Al Mohamadia Stud and his international successful horses shown in 2008 in Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East. Amongst them is the two-year-old bay Abha Palma, the 2008 All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Filly and European Champion Filly; also the yearling colt Shannan El Madan, Reserve Champion Colt 2008 in Las Vegas and Champion Colt in Wels, Austria; and another example, the stallion Savio with his intersting colour and impressing all with his outstanding movement winning Middle East Champion 2008. The Al Mohamadia Stud is also organizing an annual ECAHO show in Riyadh since 2007 which will be held in 2009 for a third time.

Until now, FARRES has only been shown once in the Middle East and under the colours of Al Mohamadia, but with immediate success. In 2007 and at the First Riyadh ECAHO C-rated show he became Champion Stallion impressing the spectators with his great action, nice presence and in his overall quality.

FARRES has produced several good sons and daughters, and his get in Saudi Arabia is gaining more and more in attention. Some daughters and sons have been successfully shown in 2008 winning classes and championship titles in Saudi Arabia.

Below listed, see some more informations about representative get. A well known daughter outside the Kingdom is the 2002 born, bay Famira KA, who is out of a Thee Desperado daughter. Famira KA is bred by the former owners of FARRES, 'Karija Arabians' of Michael and Valerie Resch, in Canada. After winning her title at the Egypytian Event in Lexington as a two-year-old, she was sold to the famous Al Khalediah Stables from Saudi Arabia, and for them, she competed successful in Europe and the Middle East. In 2006, Famira KA became honored and gifted to the Ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi and his Al Qassemi Stables, where Famira KA is now living, being shown from time to time but also being bred.

FARRES returned to the homeland of his ancestors and back to the desert. And he is one of the valuable jewels of the Al Mohamadia Stud and HH Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud, and until now, he remains the king of the stud.


(December 2008)



His Major Show Records:

1999 Winner 'Stallions of 1995' Egyptian Event Lexington/ USA
2001 Winner 'Stallions 1995 & before' Egyptian Event Lexington/ USA
2003 Reserve Champion Stallion International Show, Wels/ Austria (A)
2003 EEE Reserve Champion Egyptian Event Europe / Germany
2003 Reserve Champion Int. B-show Oberstdorf / Germany
2004 EEE Champion Stallion Egyptian Event Europe / Germany


Champion Stallion 1st Riyadh Arabian Horse Show/Saudi Arabia (C)

(Status: December 2008)


Representative Get:

Bred by Karija Arabians/ Canada,
sold to Al Khalediah Stables/ Saudi Arabia,
and in 2006, gifted to Al Qasimi Stables,
HH Sheikh Dr.Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassemi, Ruler of Sharjah/ UAE

(Farres x Desire RB)

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Bred and owned by Al Mohamadiah Stud,
HH Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud/ Saudi Arabia

SULTAN Al Mohamadia (*06)
(Farres x Akiysha Moon DMF)

Reserve Champion Colt at the First Riyadh Show 2007, and
Class winner 2-Year-old Colts at the Jeddah 2008 show

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger


Bred and owned by Al Mohamadiah Stud,
H.H. Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud/ Saudi Arabia

SALMA Al Mohamadia (*07)
(Farres x Galva)

Class winner "Yearling Fillies (B)" at the 2008 Jeddah show

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Bred and owned by Al Mohamadiah Stud,
H.H. Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud/ Saudi Arabia

JAWAHARAT Al Mohamadia (*07)
(Farres x IWF Shahnia)

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger


The two 2007 born FARRES daughters,
bred and owned by Al Mohamadiah Stud
JAWAHARAT (left/grey) and SALMA (right/ch)


Bred and owned by Al Mohamadiah Stud,
H.H. Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud/ Saudi Arabia

Filly foal NOUF Al Mohamadia (*08)
(Farres x Min Mins Magnolia)

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger

.... and already in first ribbons being the winner in "Filly Foals"
at the Jeddah 2008 show

Photo: Irina Filsinger




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