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DIPLOMATT __(*1993) __
Sire: Simeon Shai
Dam: Avila
Bloodlines: Egyptian/ Spanish


Royal Oaks Arabians/ USA
Owner: Arabian Sun Horses, Amin & Ingrid Bentchikou/ Belgium

Simeon Shai
 Ra'adin Royal
  Simeon Safanad
  Dandi II
ET Crown Prince
Om Khamsa
Sankt Georg
Ibn Galal-5
Cantinera II







DIPLOMATT was one of the two stallions, that Abdelmajid Bentchikou, the late founder of 'Arabian Sun Horses' in Belgium, bought and imported from the U.S. in 1994.

The chestnut DIPLOMATT was a yearling colt at that time, and presented for him at the Egyptian Event in Lexington. He comes from the combination of the 1991 World Champion Stallion, straight Egyptian SIMEON SHAI, out of the Spanish mare AVILA. And indeed, DIPLOMATT reflects the touch of both, and carries the stamp of both bloodlines, his sire as well as the Spanish look with the big dark eyes and the solid body.

Arriving in Europe in 1994, DIPLOMATT was shown intensely all over Europe. His first competition at the International Show was at Kauber Platte, in Germany, a few weeks after his arrival, where he received his first Junior Champion title. DIPLOMATT's journey as a serious contender continued, and he collected several impressive championship results up to the age of three, including twice the 'Top Ten' honours in Paris. Shown only a few times as a senior, his greatest success must be at the 1997 International Show in Oostende when DIPLOMATT became Champion Stallion and "Best-in-Show".

At home with 'Arabian Sun Horses' in Manage, about half-an-hour south of the Belgian capital Brussels, DIPLOMATT was broken to ride. These days, his owner, Ingrid Bentchikou, rides him twice a week and enjoys eacht ime. "He is such a fine stallion and horse, a really fantastic partner, and he really understands to me and adapts to me when riding him," she says, "and he always takes care of me in his very sweet character", she continues. "When I have finished the ride and I jump down from saddle, DIPLOMATT regularly brings his head down and smoothes his face under my arms, he is a true sweetheart to me," Ingrid tells emotionally touched.

The 1999 born DIPLOMATT daughter HANISHA (out of Hanina) reflects the same great movements as her sire, being full of action and power. She was bred by 'Arabian Sun Horses' and was recently sold to 'Mirage Arabians' of Sally Roberts, in Wales, Great Britain, to be one of the foundation broodmares in this young breeding programme. HANISHA's daughter, and DIPLOMATT's granddaughter, the 2006 born ASH LAVIGNIA (by CH El Brillo), stays at 'Arabian Sun Horses' in Belgium to continue the line there.

(February 2007)



Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger

(pictured with ASH resident trainer, Sabrina Joiser) _____________________________

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger


His Major Show Records:

1994 Junior Champion Colt International Show Kauber Platte/ Germany (C)
1994 TOP TEN Colt World Championships Paris
1995 Junior Champion Colt International Show Belfort/ France (C)
1995 Junior Champion Colt International Show Tilburg/ Holland (C)
1995 TOP TEN Colt World Championships Paris
1997 Champion Stallion reserve International Show Menton/ France (B)
1997 Champion Stallion reserve International Show Saarlouis/ Germany (C)
1997 Champion Stallion Egyptian Classics in Tilburg/ Holland (C)
1997 Champion Stallion International Show Oostende/ Belgium (B)
1997 "Best-in-Show" International Show Oostende/ Belgium (B)
1997 2.pl./ Stallions 4-6 years European Championships Verona/ Italy (Title show)
2000 2.pl./ Platin Cup Stallions International Show Kreuth/ Germany
2004 3.pl./ Stallions 11-15 years All Nations Cup show Aachen/ Germany (Title show)

(Status: Febr.2007)

Some Representatives:

Diplomatt's 1999 born daughter,
HANISHA (out of Hanina),

bred by Arabian Sun Horse, Belgium, owned by Sally Roberts, Wales/GB

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger

Photo: Irina Filsinger

... and HANISHA with her first foal, the 2006 filly ASH LAVIGNIA

Photo: Irina Filsinger



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