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The Janow Podlaski Open Day & Breeding Parade

held at Janow Podlaski * 10. August 2009

Photo: Irina Filsinger
Every year, after the annual Polish National Arab Horse Show
and the Pride of Poland sale, the three Polish State Studs
- Janow Podlaski Stud, Michalow Stud, and Bialka Stud -
offer a visit and gathering of their open days with
a specific breeding parade at each of the three stud farms.
Photo: Angela Dorschner-Filsinger
Photo: Irina Filsinger
The Stud Director Dr. Marek Trela provided his visitors with a representative overview into the actual breeding programme
at the Janow Podlaski Stud. Firstly he presented the sires
used currently and that are based at Janow.
Some of the stallions presented - Pegasus * Ganges * Piaff (top to bottom)
Photo: Irina Filsinger
Photo: Irina Filsinger
Photo: Irina Filsinger

A special honour and moment was given to BALON (Gwarny x Ballada/Partner), the 2003 Polish National Champion Stallion
that was bred at Janow Podlaski Stud, and who celebrated
his 30th birthday this year (see him in the video clip/below).

Mare Watra (Metropolis NA x Wanilia) with her 2009 filly foal (by Ganges)
Photo: Irina Filsinger

Then some of the 2009 Janow Podlaski foals were presented,
all still at their dam's side, shown individually one after the other
while organized and
collected in sections by sire.

A group of daughters by EKSTERN (Monogramm x Ernestyna),
the Triple Crown winner, the Aachen, European and World
Champion Stallion, finalized the parade - mares that had been
already proved in shows, racings or by breeding quality.

Mare Anilla (Pesal x Andaluzja) with her 2009 filly foal (by Porto)
Photo: Irina Filsinger

Among the visitors of the Janow Podlaski Parade was also
the international Arab horse photographer, Irina Filsinger,
who for several years has been an official photographer at the
Polish Nationals and the auction, and her13-year-old niece
Angela Dorschner-Filsinger, an enthusiastic young
girl and
good rider, a great horse lover, a little expert in Arab horses,
and who is in love with Poland and the horses from Poland.


Photo: Irina Filsinger

And Angela also loves to photograph! She has already proved
herself to be really talented, with a good eye for beauty, moments,
and the Arab horse.
Back at home, she created a film and slide
show about the Janow Podlaski Stud and the open day with
some of her own and some of her aunt's pictures.

Photo: Angela Dorschner-Filsinger

ArabianFlashlights.com is happy to present you
Angela's creation about the Janow Podlakski Stud's
breeding parade, a very nice film
clip with music and all
the necessary information about the horses presented,
giving a nice overview and impression.

Just click the camera button to start the film clip

Watch and enjoy!

Photo: Irina Filsinger

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