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AKAHF 2008

The First International Arabian Horse Show in Saudi Arabia




Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival (AKAHF)

15th - 18th January 2008

Under the patronage of His Royal Highness, Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Bin AbdulAziz Al Saud, and in collaboration with the King AbdulAziz Arabian Horse Centre (KAAHC), the Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival will open its doors on the 15th of January 2008 for four consecutive days in the headquarters of His Highness's farms in Tebrak city, west of Riyadh, at which major works have commenced to prepare the Farm to accommodate the horses, owners, trainers, grooms and guests.

Considered the only event of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula and, more particularly, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it will be presided over by a Higher Organizing Committee, chaired by His Royal Highness, Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Bin AbdulAziz, and benefit from the expertise and experience of its members in Prince Faisal Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed, Prince Nawaf Bin Faisal Bin Fahd, the Engineers Abdullah bin Fahd Al Sweilem and Sami Al Nohait, General Ayed Al Jeaid, and Mr. Mutlak bin Mushrif.

This Festival will encompass a various number of activities that aim to restore equestrian disciplines and the importance and significance of the Arabian Horse as part of the nation's history. The events will be an auction of exceptional Purebred Arabian Horses on the first day; a racing display of Arabian racehorses on the second; while the final two days will showcase the pinnacle of the Festival, a two day International Arabian Horse Show displaying the true beauty and elegance of these majestic animals.

The public Auction of both racing and show Purebred Arabian horses, will kick off the Festival and will be under the supervision of the King AbdulAziz Arabian Horse Center (KAAHC) and will be open for all registered bidders. It is estimated that over seventy horses will go ‘under the hammer’ of an experienced Auctioneer engaged to stage the event.

The second day of the Festival will see a display of Arabian horse racing at the new racetrack built at the Al Khalediah Farm complex. The racetrack has a dirt surface and is 1900m in circumference with full race day facilities.

The Arabian Horse Show, on days three and four, is affiliated with the European Commission of Arab Horse Organizations (ECAHO), and its KSA representative, the King AbdulAziz Arabian Horse Centre in Dirab, will oversee the implementation of international rules and standards. A selection of international judges registered with ECAHO will preside over the show, in conjunction with other select officials and registered personnel. The horse show is expected to attract entries from farms from all around the world who will travel to participate in the event. Valuable prizes will be on offer for all class winners, with major prizes for the Championship winners.

The entire Festival is expected to be attended by Their Royal Highnesses, Crown Princes, Sheikhs, Ambassadors, Consul Generals, Dignitaries, and key persons in the business community across the Gulf Region. In addition to these guests, many owners, breeders, key association members, international media representatives, and celebrities will be invited to attend.


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