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In Passion to Beauty, Success & his Country


His Highness Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi,
Crown Prince of Ajman,
proud owner of the successful Ajman Stud




It was only a very few years ago, that the name of the Ajman Stud became known for a very first time. H.H. Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, one of the seven emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates, had been a very successful counterpart in the camel racing, when he discovered purebred Arab horses. He was immediately fascinated by the beauty and disposition of these horses, and decided to establish his own studfarm and breeding programme.

It was the logical next step to find his first Arabian horses, and this was in 2001, in America. A new century, and a new step in the life started up for Sheikh Ammar, full of fascinating moments, passion and challenges - and the Ajman Stud was born!


And what he has created in the seven years since, is really amazing, and outstanding! Not only educating himself every day giving full attention to researching, learning, watching, questionning, and giving much time making great effort in his new interest. The result of learning and educating his mind and eye was so fast, that today, everybody knows about the famous Ajman Stud, with a list of records and success, that maybe no other studfarm achieved in such a short period of time.

However, every afternoon when at home in the emirate, Sheikh Ammar takes a visit to his horses and studfarm if his busy time as the Crown Prince and Heir Apparent of the emirate 'Ajman' allows him to do so. And he enjoys every moment there. Sitting in the inner court of his little private paradise, he likes to welcome friends, visitors and horse enthusiasts from all over the world who want to see Ajman Stud and it's horses. Sheikh Ammar is always gentle to offer this opportunity.


It is indeed himself, who designed the whole place and studfarm located just outside the centre of Ajman city. With great taste and sense for design, classical architecture, and for beauty, the place is a very beautiful and varied, not only pleasing for the eye but also very functional for the daily horse work. The wonderful building, the inner court, the lovely entrance gates, the water fall, and even the big fields around and sand desert in the back yard, all reflects the great taste and sense.
Sheikh Ammar makes all decisions relating to the Ajman Stud himself, about the horses, the breeding, and the showing. Also which horse/s to enter into which show, and which horse/s newly to add to his stud and collection. All is done through well thought-out and planned visions and strategies.
His person and his face with it's big and charming smile is known throughout Europe, and obviously in the Middle East show scene, as Sheikh Ammar regularly attends the major shows where his horses are competing and - regularly winning. Through the horses and success of Ajman Stud, many people learned to know about the United Arab Emirates and also about the existance of the small emirate of Ajman.



"Thanks to our Ruler, who is my father, we are in focus and ambition to bring the Emirate of Ajman in progress for developing our economy and life - to play an important role in the future and to give some influence and attributions to the whole Gulf area", Sheikh Ammar says. "We have an important harbour and free zone, and as of this, Ajman is already a centre of international marketing and offers the Gulf countries an easy and short cut especially toward the Eastern areas. So many goods are arriving in Ajman for the UAE and the Gulf, which makes us to be an important partner for the area".


The daily duties in the Emiri Palace demand a lot of time and attention from Sheikh Ammar, so what is more beautifiul than being able to enjoy his free spare time than by the beauty and kindness of his Arabian horses. The studfarm is located some kilometers outside the centre of Ajman, and offers a beautiful place with many many wonderful little corners created full of taste. "We need to keep our tradition and culture", Sheikh Ammar states. No wonder that you find the main buildings of the studfarm designed in the old traditional style of Arabic architecture, like a little museum in part, but fully functional for the daily needs of a horse farm, with several paddocks and pastures around for daily turnout of the horses - the mares, the foals, and the stallions.


With a Focus to the Show and Success

Breeding is only one part, as showing is a main part of Ajman Stud and for Sheikh Ammar. This to improve his own experience, his own eye, and to improve his decisions. To compare his own horses to those of other breeders, but also to represent the colours of the United Arab Emirates and Ajman. And one really has to admit that: Sheikh Ammar succeeds in excellent manner, he is doing a great job in everything he has done up to now!

The first and really very big moment came in the 2005, just five years after Ajman Stud's beginning, when Sheikh Ammar competed, as always, at the prestigeous 'All Nations Cup' show in Aachen. Through his horses and contenders, the United Arab Emirates won for a very first time ever, the prestigeous 'Nations Cup'! "This was a very special moment for me", Sheikh Ammar tells us. "It made me very proud. Not only for my own horses, but also for our whole country", he continues. Amongst those winners' we find Ajman Stud's multiple Champion Filly Bess-FAIZAH, their multiple Champion Mare PSYCHES AMBER GEM, and their multiple Champion Stallion ESCAPE IBN NAVARRONE.

Sheikh Ammar ... with his Champion Filly Bess-FA'IZAH
... with his Champion Mare PSYCHES AMBER GEM
... with his Champion Stallion ESCAPE IBN NAVARRONE
...winning the 'All Nations Cup' in Aachen 2005, for the United Arab Emirates
All Photos: Irina Filsinger

But Aachen 2005 was not the only big success for Ajman Stud. Within the last few years, the success in each year increased and improved. Many, many national and international titles were added, the trophy room and list of records for Ajman Stud is huge, the list very long. Ajman Stud won some of the biggest titles, amongst them, several times Nations Cup Champion, European Champion, and until to now, four World Champion titles. Ajman Stud also won for the United Arab Emirates for a very first time ever, a title in the Paris World Championships. This was in 2005, when ESCAPE Ibn Navarrone became World Champion Stallion. "ESCAPE's win in Paris was something very exciting to me, it was the first World Champion title ever going to the United Arab Emirates", Sheikh Ammar says. "But maybe the year after, 2006, was touching me more emotionally, when my two fillies, Bess-FA'IZAH and PANAREA, became World Champion Filly and World Reserve - holding my two fillies as junior female title winners during the awarding and when the anthem of the United Arab Emirates was played...." !

Sheikh Ammar, with 2006 World Champion Filly, Bess-FA'IZAH & Reserve, PANAREA
Photo: Irina Filsinger

Whenever in Aachen, Paris, Menton, Borgloon, Towerlands, or if in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Qatar, or Jordan - wherever Ajman Stud competes, Sheikh Ammar's horses collect more and new titles, wins and trophies. The last really impressive success of the Ajman Stud is the Middle East Championships 2007 in Jordan, where Sheikh Ammar celebrated with three of his horses as champions (see also in section 'Shows'): the homebred AJ DINAR became Champion Colt, LOUBNA became Champion Mare, and the most famous ESCAPE Ibn Navarrone added another major title to his record list becoming 2007 Middle East Champion Stallion.

Each year, some new contenders are coming up - and succeed! "It is really fascinating to win. Until now, most of the success I had came through the horses I purchased. I did this always by a very careful selection, so winning with those horses improved my good eye and the experience in the show business. But a real future aim and challenge to me is to win one day in Paris with a homebred horse. A horse that will be pronounced in the crowning of celebrating ceremony as ' bred by Ajman Stud, born in the United Arab Emirates'...", Sheikh Ammar says. "To breed a World Champion is definetly a great challenge, but we are working on it. It takes time, as breeding is definetly a difficult task, needing not only time but also a lot of experience, and a portion of luck what is always of need when you want to make great things possible."

Some of the famous Show horses of Ajman Stud

Multiple National and Internationl Champion Filly,
World and Nations Cup Champion Filly,
First Dubai Gold Cup winner 'Fillies'
Bess-FA'IZAH (*2004)
(WH Justice x Sharon El Khendal)


Multiple International Champion Filly,
World Reserve Champion Filly 2006,
Sharjah International Champion Mare 2007
PANAREA (*2003)
(WH Justice x Palawan)


Three-Year-old Filly
(TF Psymreekhe x Miss Pryme Tyme)


Nations Cup, European, and World Champion Mare
LOUBNA (*97)
(Imperial Imdal x Imperial Kalatifa)


Multiple Champion Mare
(Sanadik El Shaklan x River Oak Dmity)


Dubai, Menton, Nations Cup, and World Champion Mare
(Padrons Psyche x AK Zabiya)


Multpile National & International Champion Colt
AJ DINAR (*2006)
(WH Justice x Deska HJE )


Champion Colt
MAGNUS KA (*2004)
(Magnum Psyche x KA Dream Song)


Multiple International Champion Stallion,
Nations Cup, European, World and Middle East Champion
ESCAPE Ibn Navarrone (*99)
(AS Sinans Pacha x Navarrone-P)


Int. Champion
(Ibn Estasha x Saskia RJ)


Leased by Ajman Stud fpr 2007, and very successfully shown for:
2007 Qatar Int. Champion Stallion,
Dubai Res. & Sharjah Int. Champion Stallion >
ESPARTO (*2002)
(Ekstern x Ekspozycja)


The Ajman Show

In 2002, Sheikh Ammar decided to establish an annual show in Ajman, and for the first time, the Ajman Show became a success and was set in the ECAHO show calendar as a 'jour fixe' in January. The show is registered as ECAHO C-rated, open only for national and local horses. "I don't want to change this or to bring the show to a bigger international status", Sheikh Ammar comments. This way we have given our own people and breeders from the Emirates a chance to win, and we may keep them motivated. The local breeders can also take this show to qualify their horses for the bigger and A-rated shows held in the UAE and Gulf area in February, March, and April each year."

The Ajman show is an excellently organized Arab horse show, but also a local event and spectacle in Ajman and the country, not only for horse people but for all. During the last day of show, immediately before the final championship results are announced, exciting presentations are offered to the audience. The grandstands during this last day are always full, including horse experts but also many, many local people come to enjoy this event created around the Arabian horse. In 2007, it was a fascinating fire, laser and music show, a classical Arab music, singing and dancing group, a ridden presentation with two equine acrobats, and a very lovely and glamourous presentation in spotlights of Sheikh Ammar's brand new 2006 World Champion Filly, Bess-FAIZAH.


"We want to bring the beauty of the Arabian horse as close as possible to the people", Sheikh Ammar says. "This is why we include those presentations in our programme." And the idea and vision works, catching the Arabian horse enthusiasts and experts, but also the public and normal people!


The Ajman show is a national C-rated, however the class and level is of highest quality and standard. The mastermind behind this event is Sheikh Ammar himself! Meanwhile he also organizes the annual 'Ajman Ramadan Show' which is held during the holy month of Ramadan . This show will be hold for the fourth time in 2007.
Ajman Stud itself does not normally compete much in those two shows and keeps it's champions at home, in order to give other studfarms and breeders the chance to win a title and trophy. Sheikh Ammar enters only a few new or young homebred horses to those two shows.


Homebred Youngsters

One of Sheikh Ammar's youngsters at the stud is AJ SAMA, a very special filly born in October 2006. The chestnut homebred is by WH JUSTICE and out of SIBERIA SA (by Nuzyr HCF). AJ SAMA has already been shown at the 2007 Dubai International Show, where she impressed the audience and judges with her cute presence and beauty, winning immediately her filly foals' class.


Another one is AJ MARAHEL, a 2006 born filly by the famous stallion MARWAN AL SHAQAB who is one of Sheikh Ammar's favorite sires presently. AJ MARAHEL is the first foal out of 2002 mare, HED AB MARIA (by AB Magnum). and has already shown successfully, winning amongst others, the yearling class at the 2007 shows in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and recently at the Middle East Championships in Jordan.


Amongst the colts is the 2006 born AJ DINAR, a colt curving his neck and expressing himself like a stallion, peacock and proud like a swan, while still a youngster. Like his paternal half-sister AJ SAMA, AJ DINAR is also by WH JUSTICE, who is by MAGNUM PSYCHE and out of an El Shaklan grand daughter. AJ DINAR's dam is Sheikh Ammar's multiple Champion Mare DESKA HJE. Still only a yearling, AJ DINAR has already been shown several times, both on a National and International level. Amongst his wins, he was Champion Colt at the Dubai International Show, the UAE Abu Dhabi Nationals, the Qatar International Show, and the Middle East Championships 2007.


Another promising youngster bred and owned by Ajman Stud is a younger full brother to AJ MARAHEL, the 2007 MARWAN AL SHAQAB colt out of HED AB MARIA. We are looking forward seeing this colt in the future.



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