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HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan Al Saud, the proud owner of Al Khalediah Stables
Photo: Irina Filsinger


AL KHALEDIAH STABLES (AKS) * Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Al Khalediah Farms and Al Khalediah Stables is located a town named Tebrak that is located 95 km west of the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The farm covers an area of 1680 Hectares. Among its three estates, the Equestrian Estate occupies the most distinguished part of AKS. Added to the natural picturesque landscaping, the artistic design and the unique splendid architecture, it plays a pivotal role in highlightening the farm as a whole, and the equestrian estate in particular, making it a real state-of-art facility.

Besides the jumping and carriage horses raised and trained at AKS, a special attention is given to the preservation and breeding of Pure Desert horses and the Arab breed. The most important and significant part is achieved through the thoroughbred racing horses and the breeding and showing of purebred Arabian horses, recognised and admitted to be the most beautiful horses in the world.
HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, is the owner, creator and the master mind of Al Khalediah. HRH is creating, forming, designing and managing all aspects of AKS, together with developping the short and longterm ideas and plans. Like an engineer of successes and victories, he has made Al Khalediah a most famous stud, breeding programme and concept in the Arabian horse world and industry. Through presence, activities and unique successes, AKS has made a great contribution to the Arabian horse shows and events, giving significant focus to the Arab peninsula and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - the desert homelands from where the Arab horse originated and now returns. AKS is competing in the International show ring and at the major purebred Arabian horse shows predominantly in the Middle East and Europe, and have achieved a huge number of championship titles and successes - amongst them, several Saudi, Middle East, International and World Champion titles. It is only just a few years ago that AKS started to collect and acquire a group of elite horses, to continue and improve now and in the future with own breeding programme and the Saudi homebred youngsters of AKS.

Another treasure of AKS is the new "HRH Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Race Track" built in 2004 and ready to host and train racing horses. The track is built to international standards through specialized companies and is placed in a strategic location inside the farm. Having this track will achieve an objective of Al Khalediah in having a comprehensively equipped Equestrian Farm and introducing racing champions to the public. AKS will be competing in flat races, represented in black-and-white racing colours.

Another specific section at AKS is the Clinic and Equine Hospital. All kind of equine surgeries and treatments are available delivered by a highly qualified team of veterinary specialists using the newest technical equipement. The AKS breeding department deals with Artificial Insemination, Freezing Semen, a Semen Bank and Embryo Transfer, and all related issues of Gynaecology. As of this date, several foals born at AKS are as the result of successful embryo transfer.

A visit to AKS is most pleasurable and to see the beautiful Zoo and Wildlife Ressort designed in natural landscaping, with a variety of desert plants, with all kind of wild and exotic animals living together in the fields is a unique experience.



Al Khalediah Stables - The Home of Beauty and Quality

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