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Stables of King Abdullah and Sons
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A Tradition of Excellence in Preserving the Arabian Heritage


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Located outside Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

in the area named Janadria, you will find the most exquisite studfarm of His Majesty,

King Abdullah Ben Abdul Aziz and his sons, the 'Stables of King Abdullah & Sons' (SKAS).

While the studfarm itself is very private part and access to it only with special permission

from His Majesty and his sons, SKAS makes a major input and focus to thoroughbred

breeding and flatracing, with another department specialized in the Arabian horses.

In the excellence of traditions, the SKAS are preserving the Arabian horse heritage.

Besides the purebred Arabian horse of modern lines, some Saudi desert breds and

old Saudi lines are continued to be bred in their traditional desert strains.

Janadria and SKAS is the home of some famous horses which originate from Europe,

amongst the former World Champions, multiple National and/or International Champions,

the stallions Koronec, BJ Thee Mustafa, the black Taladinn, Monitor, and the promising young

home bred, the dark bay, 2002 born Saaba al Sahraa, by Koronec, out of Nouf Al Thalitha.

A website about 'Stables of King Abdullah and Sons' is currently in progress, and

ArabianFlashlights.com will keep you informed about the address and when the it goes online.




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